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Stocksidea for Monday 14 Jan 2019 by EpicResearch

INFY – Stock showed good strength in ending hours of the trading session and closed in green with good volumes. It also took the support of 200 EMA on the hourly chart. We recommend buying above 686 with the stop loss of 680 for the target of 692.
CESC – Stock performed well but it has shown some weakness on the hourly chart in ending hours of the session. It has a strong resistance on the hourly chart of 200 EMA and it closed below it. We recommend selling below 675 for the target of 665 with the stop loss of 685.
ICICIPRULI – Stock is performing well consistently from past three trading sessions with good volumes. The stock has a strong resistance of 200 EMA on the daily chart and it has also a trend-line resistance on daily chart. We recommend selling below 352 for the target of 347 with the stop loss of 357.
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