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July auto sales: Tata Motors Update by Epic Research

Total sales at 39,623 units versus 38,557 units (MoM)

Commercial vehicle (CV) sales at 26,089 units versus 26,832 units (MoM)

Light commercial vehicle sales (LCV) at 16,364 units versus 17,212 units (MoM)

Medium and heavy commercial vehicle (M&HCV) sales at 9,725 units versus 9,620 units (MoM)

Passenger vehicle (PV) sales at 9,167 units versus 7,911 units (MoM)

Domestic sales at 35,256 units versus 34,743 units (MoM)

Exports at 4,367 units versus 3,814 units (MoM)

Total sales at 39,623 units versus 51,549 units (YoY)

CV sales down 28 percent at 26,089 units (YoY)

LCV sales down 39 percent at 16,364 units (YoY)

M&HCV sales flat at 9,725 units (YoY)

PV sales down 15 percent at 9,167 units (YoY)

Exports up 2 percent at 4,367 units (YoY)

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